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Final Report of the Autumn Fairs

Final Report of the Autumn Fairs
The beauty fairs showed off the latest in all beauty disciplines, a stellar show and, for the first time, also professional nail and hairdressing workshops!


The two largest beauty fairs with many years’ tradition, INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE and WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA, which were held on 27 and 28 September 2019 at the exhibition grounds at PVA EXPO PRAHA in Letňany, attracted 13,576 satisfied visitors over the two autumn days.

A total of 352 exhibitors, including 21 from abroad, presented themselves at the autumn fairs. They offered visitors more than 500 represented brands on a net exhibition area of 3,706 m². The fairs were again organised by ABF a.s.

The organisers put on a hairdressing show by Tomáš Arsov. For the first time there was the Maybelline make-up show with the beautiful Monika Bagárová. Audiences really enjoyed the fashion shows by winners of the Miss Czech Republic beauty contest as well as the show by the winners and finalists of the Man of the year 2019 competition. The men’s show took place as part of the Rich Palette of Trends from the fashion stylist Kája Pavlíček.

“We are also very pleased that for the first time we were able to provide nail and hairdressing workshops for professionals. For both days these were part of the fairs as a pleasant bonus and were free of charge for visitors to the fairs,” says Markéta Klíma Holatová, the spokesperson for the beauty fairs.














Professional competitions also had an integral role to play. The very interesting Make-up Championship of the Czech Republic took place at the autumn fairs with nominations for the Beauty Make-up Award 2020 international championship at Beauty Düsseldorf. Nail lovers also came into their own during the NailPro Czech global championship in nail design. There was also the Czech Championship for professional pedicurists, Beauty Foot Cup Czech 2020, and as ever you could watch the professional competition in nail art and nail design, Czech Nail Cup.

The accompanying programme attracted more than thirteen and a half thousand visitors at the fair itself, but many TV viewers also followed it by watching TOP STAR MAGAZINE on TV PRIMA. From early on the morning of the first day, the BREAKFAST WITH NOVA TV programme was also broadcasting live from the fairs. And again, there was no shortage of celebrities at the fairs. For example, the singer Monika Bagárová, the presenter Kristina Kloubková, Miss Czech Republic 2019 Denisa Spergerová, the singer Linda Finková, the youtuber and blogger Dominika Myslivcová and Vlaďka Erbová did not want to miss out. And there were some well-known men there too, such as the fashion stylist Kája Pavlíček, the winner of the Man of the Year 2019 competition Vojtěch Urban and the famous hairdresser Tomáš Arsov.

The popular international trade fairs INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE and WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA, which had been competing against each other for many years, finally came together in 2019. And for the visitors and exhibitors this brought with it many positives. The fairs were finally held in one place and for just one admission fee.

Now we would like to tell you about another important change. Our Interbeauty Prague and World of Beauty & Spa trade fairs are changing their name. From spring 2020 you will be able to visit them under the single name FOR BEAUTY. The reason is that both these fairs have become part of the large family of fairs organised by ABF at PVA EXPO PRAGUE Letňany.

FOR BEAUTY will continue to be held twice a year. Always in spring and autumn. And exclusively at the exhibition grounds in Letňany. The FOR BEAUTY Cosmetics, Hairdressing and Nail Design Fair focuses on nail modelling, manicure and pedicure, cosmetics, hair care, salon equipment, SPA centres and skin and body appliances, as well as current trends in cosmetics, especially anti-aging, dermatocosmetics, body modelling, wellness, relaxation, but also a healthy lifestyle.

FOR BEAUTY spring 2020 will be held on 3 – 4 April 2020 and FOR BEAUTY autumn 2020 will be held on 9 – 10 October 2020. Don’t miss next year’s fair and come be a part of it with us. The FOR BEAUTY team looks forward to seeing you.

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